The US Open w/ Brad Stine (2018)

A lot has happened at the 2018 US Open. From Nick Kyrgios (Ranked #30 ATP) getting a pep talk from the chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani during his second round match (see story here) to the Williams sisters dueling it out yet again on court (p.s. Serena Williams wins yet again). But, this post is not about a tennis player, but instead a coach, Brad Stine.

Brad Stine Tennis with Kevin Anderson. US Open
Brad Stine on court w/ Kevin Anderson

For those of you who do not know Brad Stine, you should educate yourself on this man. When google searching "Brad Stine", google brings up the famous American Comedian, but do not be fooled by this trickery from google. The real Brad Stine can simply be found on the inner webs with these keywords: " Brad Stine Tennis". Brad has over three decades of coaching experience at the junior, collegiate, and professional level. Brad is most commonly known for coaching Jim Courier when Jim was #1 in the world, but as of late, Brad's success with Kevin Anderson has gained quite the attention. Kevin Anderson is at a current career high ATP Ranking of #5 in the World!

Kevin Anderson US Open 2018, 50 years anniversary, Brad Stine Tennis Coach
Kevin Anderson US Open 2018

Brad started out like most tennis players, with the goal of playing on the pro tour and making a living from tennis. Spending several summers traveling to and from France playing tournaments and not getting the results that he wanted, Brad soon realized that he would make his living by coaching tennis, instead of playing. And this decision shaped the rest of his life, with many successes and experiences. If you are interested in Brad's history, you can check out his bio here.

Brad has coached a variety of players at all of the Grand Slams, but his current experience with Kevin Anderson at the US Open, is todays topic (September, 2018). Kevin plays against Dominic Thiem in the 4th round Sunday September 2nd, 2018. Tune in and enjoy the entertainment. We spoke with Brad over the phone and asked him 5 questions about the US Open. Here is what he had to say:

What is your favorite thing about the US Open?

"It’s a bit of a cliche, but the energy. The Open just has a buzz to it. And it translates to the type of crowds the guys and gals play in front of. They aren’t as refined and mannered compared to Wimbledon or The French. They are fired up, a bit loud, and a bit raucous."

How do you deal with the stress during a tennis match, when Kevin is playing?

"I am often churning with stress inside. But I’m never gonna let my player see that. I want to present an image that represents what I want from him at any given moment during the match. On a more important note: Really happy to have gotten to use Ryder Jackson as a hitting partner today. Ryder is from NorCal and his dad Stevie played for me at Fresno State back in the day!! Ryder missed out on junior qualies by 1 spot and he and Stevie were around today and so I took the opportunity to get him out on court with Kevin during our practice today. He was really nervous and Kevin is pretty demanding in his practice sessions. Which doesn’t assuage that nervousness. But Ryder worked hard and did a really good job."

What is your favorite non-stadium court at the US Open?

"The new Armstrong court is awesome. Yesterday Kevin got to be part of the first match ever to play under the roof there."

What is your process for setting up practice for Kevin Anderson?

"We are pretty spoiled at the Open. Be cause Kev is a seed he generally gets practice on the P1-P5 courts that are just off the main stadium. It makes life pretty easy for practice."

As a coach, what is your reaction to the chair umpire, Mohamed Lahyani, giving Kyrgios a pep talk during his second round match and then Kyrgios goes on to win the match?

"I think it was incredibly inappropriate and unprofessional. Can you imagine in Football that the ref goes into the huddle to encourage a team to fight harder? Or in Baseball the plate umpire goes out to the mound and tells a pitcher that he needs to really focus better because “I know you can do better". It’s ridiculous to imagine and it is embarrassing in our sport."

Stay tuned for more news and stories. Let us know what questions you want answered.

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