This is one hour consultation that will last up to 60 minutes. During this consultation, you will formally discuss your needs, interests, and desires for college placement with an experienced tennis coach, mentor and educator.


If you are not looking for college placement assistance, we can also help you tactically and mentally. Whether you are a junior tennis player, college player, professional player, club player, or coach, our consultants can help improve your tennis game.


If you are not a player, but a coach or parent. We can assist you as well. If you are looking for advice on how to run practices or what tournaments your child should play, we can assist with these needs as well. 


International Tennis Consulting is a well rounded company that can help you with any of your tennis needs, as long as it is within our capabilities. 


Our consultants have over 3 decades of experience coaching on the professional tour, within collegiate tennis, and coaching top-notch juniors. With many connections across the globe, our consultants can offer you a honest, straightforward, and informative analysis during your college selection process. We will find the right college for you!


All consultations will happen via phone, email, or live video chat.


Once you book this consultation, we will follow up to set up the consultation date and time.

Advanced Consultation